Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs):

1. Question: Who can attend an AABL conference and/or event?

Answer: AABL events are open to all academics, students and practitioners, business personnel or an independent researcher. However, participants from a developing country (for example citizens holding a passport of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Nigeria and Sudan) will pay 50% registration fees in advance for a conference in a developed country , before a 'Letter of Acceptance and Invitation’ can be issued. A participant, who will not be able to get a visa, will be NOT be entitled to any refund of his/her registration fees. So please decide carefully before paying your fees. The authority reserves the right to make a variation of this matter on a case by case basis. This requirement will be waived if a prospective participant is already holding a valid visa of the country where the conference will take place.

2. Question: What is the benefit of attending AABL conference?

Answer: By attending an AABL conference you can get dual publication opportunities; your paper will be published in the ‘Conference Proceedings’ and you have the opportunity to publish your papers in AABL journals or its partners’ journals (provided that you submit a full paper on time). Your paper will also be included in the ‘Best Paper Award’ competition. Your paper will be professionally edited before publishing in a journal. Participants can also enjoy a range of benefits, e.g. getting an Associate or Fellow membership of AABL, which will allow them to enjoy a 10% discount on any future AABL events.

3. Question: 3. Question:

Answer: Yes you can attend at an AABL conference as an observer provided that you express an interest through e-mail. Such expression of interest will be reviewed on a case by case basis and a letter of invitation will be based on applicant’s personal strength or his/her organisational affiliation.

4. Question: I want to join at an AABL event, can I just submit the abstract only

Answer: To participate at an AABL conference, you can just submit the abstract before the deadline. This is because you want to present your research idea at an international gathering to get feedback, make collaboration and networking. You have the opportunity to submit a full paper at the same time or before the full paper submission deadline. You can submit a full paper for any of the reasons below:

5. Question: How many abstract/papers I can submit at an AABL conference and/or event.

Answer: A single author can submit up to 4 abstracts/full papers. However, the authority reserves the right to make a variation of this matter on a case by case basis.

6. Question: Does AABL organise accommodation during an AABL conference and/or event?

Answer: While AABL may help you finding a suitable accommodation during a conference, AABL itself will not organise any accommodation for participants.

7. Question: I have co-authors in my papers; do they need to register as well to attend an AABL conference?

Answer: If any of your co-author intends to attend as well, s/he must also register.

8. Question: What is included in conference registration?

Answer: Registration will include arrival tea/coffee, morning and afternoon tea/coffee and packet/buffet lunch.

9. Question: Do I need to pay for the conference dinner?

Answer: Yes, but it is optional for a participants to attend the conference dinner. However, please be aware that the ‘Best Paper Awards’ and Certificates will be handed over during the conference dinner.

10. Question: Can I get a discount at an AABL event?

Answer: There are many ways to get discounts:

11. Question: I will be taking more time as my request for funding to university is pending. Am I eligible for more time?

Answer: In general, you can make a request. Approval will be given based on the merit of the case.

12. Question: Can I make registration on arrival?

Answer: This is allowed on a case by case basis.

13. Question: Do I need to send my PowerPoint presentation by e-mail?

Answer: No, you will have to carry your PowerPoint presentation in USB/Flash drive.

14. Question: My full paper has been accepted at an AABL Conference, does it mean that it is accepted in AABL Journals or its partner’s journals?

Answer: Yes, if your full paper is accepted at an AABL Conference, it means that your paper is also accepted in AABL Journals or its partner’s journals. However, if you want to have it published, you need to follow the author guidelines as provided by AABL.

15. Question: My abstract/full paper has been accepted at an AABL Conference and I am unable to join due to visa problem or some other problem, can I make a proxy presentation?

Answer: Yes, this can be done if you inform us in advance. You can find a person by yourself to have it presented or we can do it from our side. If you have already paid the registration and make a request before the registration closing, we can transfer your paper to another AABL conference if you advise in writing.

16. Question: What will be included in the online conference proceedings?

Answer: Only full papers will be included in the online conference proceedings.

17. Question: I have chosen to include my paper to the online conference proceedings; can it be revised or removed?

Answer: All full papers submitted to an AABL conference will be published in the online conference proceedings. However, it can be revised or removed with an admin processing fee of US$50.

18. Question: Can I publish my paper in AABL journals or its partner’s without attending a conference?

Answer: Yes, you can publish papers in AABL journals or its partner’s journal without attending a conference. You can submit your paper by visiting the journal submission page.

19. Question: Can I get feedback on my paper which has been accepted at an AABL Conference?

Answer: Yes, we will provide you with a ‘Peer Review Report’ once such request is made in writing, provided your paper is registered to the conference.

20. Question: Can I publish my paper elsewhere after it is included in any AABL conference proceedings

Answer: Yes, you can. AABL does not hold the copyright on the paper submitted to any AABL Conferences.

21. Question: I have submitted an abstract/full paper to an AABL Conference, but I have not received any acceptance of rejection letter. What should I do?

Answer: An acceptance or rejection letter is given for all submitted abstracts/full papers to all AABL Conference participants. Please check your junk mail folder if you have not heard anything. If you do not routinely check your junk mail folder, please send an inquiry to respective conference team.

22. Question: Does AABL give sponsorship to people to attend an AABL Conference/event?

Answer: AABL does not provide any fund to any of the participants.

23. Question: Is there any submission fee or publication fees for Australian Academy of Business Leadership (AABL) Journals?

Answer: Only best and/or selected papers presented at a conference will be published in AABL Journals without any fees. Other paper will attract a publication and administrative fees of US$300.

24. Question: Is there any submission fee or publication fees for Australian Academy of Business Leadership (AABL) partner’s Journals?

Answer: There are publication fees for Australasian Centre for Research and Development (ACRD) Journals. The fees may vary from journal to journal.

25. Question: I have completed ‘conference checklist form’ to choose a journal to publish my paper; can I change my mind to withdraw that paper to publish it in another publication outlet?

Answer: You generally cannot change your mind, as immediately after receiving your full paper and completed ‘conference checklist form’, your paper joins the publication queue. If you would like to withdraw that paper for any compliance requirement, there will be an admin processing fee of $100.

26. Question: Is there any recommended editing service by AABL for editing of accepted papers?

Answer: The recommended editing service for AABL journals is “Australia and New Zealand Editing Experts (ANZEE)”

27. Question: I paid my conference registration fees in part or full and my visa application was refused; am I eligible for a refund?

Answer: AABL does NOT give registration fees refund either in full or in part. Please decide carefully before making your registration.